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Globe and Mail:

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“Royal Military College punishes entire corps of officer cadets because some wore jeans off campus”, 2 March 2018

“Reserve force commanders dumped, racial incidents alleged: Army units in Ontario dealing with crisis in leadership”, The Ottawa Citizen and Kingston Whig Standard, 9 October 2018

“Military quietly ends policy of promptly investigating sexual misconduct cases”, 21 November 2018

Ottawa Citizen:

“Battle over jeans at the Royal Military College results in 1,000 cadets being punished”, 2 March 2018

Kingston Whig Standard:

“Royal Military College brass rip students over jeans”, 3 March 2018


“Investigation underway on whether top military lawyers suppressed damning report”, 11 January 2018


“Ottawa overhauling military justice system to give victims a larger role”, 10 May 2018

“Vets minister sued for defamation in fight over pensions”, 21 July 2018

“’There is no justice in Canada’ say ex-soldiers as Supreme Court declines benefits lawsuit”, 30 August 2018

“Canadian military to severely curtail use of recreational marijuana”, 15 September 2018

“Swearing, drinking, mishandling weapons: How Hamilton-area soldiers get into trouble”, 29 November 2018

“Cases adjourned, charges withdrawn as military struggles with constitutionality of courts martial”, 5 December 2018


“Deputy JAG and CBA clash over court martial reform”, 26 May 2017